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Environmental and sustainable development policy
should systematically draw on and be informed by
a diverse and dynamic range of economic thinking,
which is promoted and supported by economic
teaching, training and research institutions.

This Network will contribute towards this vision
by providing:

1. Spaces for dialogue on current environmental
and sustainable development policy issues
between academics involved in heterodox/
ecological economics and policy makers.

2. A focus for co-operation to promote knowledge
of, research into and teaching of the contribution
of heterodox economics to environmental policy.

Members of this Network observe that the majority
of current economic thinking informing environmental
policy draws on the single tradition of neo-classical

While this tradition has much to offer, we believe
that there are other strands of economic thinking
(e.g. evolutionary and institutional economics) that
have much to contribute to environmental policy, but
are rarely considered. Furthermore these types of
economic thinking are rarely taught as part of
environmental economics and very limited research
is done in this field.

We believe that, if environmental policy is going to be
informed by robust and rigorous economic analysis, it
must not ignore these dynamic and innovative areas
of economic thinking.

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Membership is open to all interested people. Join
our discussion list and you will get regular updates on our
activities and can join in our discussion. If you would
like to share your relevant research interests and
publications with other members of the network,
please provide them to the network facilitator and
they will be added to the website.