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Do Water Meters Reduce Domestic Consumption?: a summary of available literature
Dr. Chad Staddon - 2010
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The economics of climate change impacts à la Stern: Novel and nuanced or rhetorically restricted?
Clive L. Spash - 2007
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Non-Economic motivation for contingent values: Rights and attitudinal beliefs in the willingness to pay for environmental improvements.
Clive L. Spash - 2006
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Extending the “rational man” model of human behaviour:
seven key principles

Briefing note for the Environment Agency by nef - May 2005
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From simplistic to complex systems in economics
John Foster - 2005
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The revolution in welfare economics and the implications for environmental policy
John Gowdy - 13 December 2004
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Heterodox Economic Approaches To Sustainable Consumption: An Agenda for research
Sigrid Stagl & Jonathan Köhler - 2003
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Evolutionary and institutional economics, the dynamics of economic development, and the design of packages of measures to achieve environmental outcomes
Dominic Hogg, Jonathan Michie & Christine Oughton - 2003
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Economic instruments for the environment: A psychological perspective
Alan Lewis - 2004
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A well-being manifesto for a flourishing society
Hetan Shah and Nic Marks - 2004
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The Revolution in welfare economics and its implications for environmental valuation and policy
John M gowdy - 2004
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Towards a new welfare foundation for sustainability
John M Gowdy - 2004
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Further papers to be added.